your partner in logistic services, recycling & plastic trading
your partner in logistic services,recycling & plastic trading


Our story

The founder of General Industries Deutschland GmbH can draw on over 40 years experience in the plastic recycling of complex problems.

2013 General Industries Deutschland is expanding its logistics capacity through the acquisition of new warehouse and logistics space
2012 Matthias Henning took over the management and implement a expansion strategy of the automotive/ supply industry
1998 Establishing the General Industries Deutschland GmbH with focus on disposal of carriers / containers of the automotive industry
1995 Founding of DEB & Polycom GmbH in Hann Münden with a focus on the compounding of engineering plastics
1980 Establishing the RKV Henning GmbH in Erzhausen with a focus on waste disposal & recycling of films and rejected parts
1970 Walter Henning distributes technical facilities for an international manufacturer for the plastic industry
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