your partner in logistic services, recycling & plastic trading
your partner in logistic services,recycling & plastic trading


Your partner for thermoplastic raw materials

General Industries Deutschland GmbH is, through its activities, an active environmentalist. We transform not rotting waste into new raw materials and help actively in combating industrial waste production.


Together with our european service partners we can offer acceptance and plastic recycling at the local sites of our customers. These include, for example, international companies in the automotive and supplier industry, food retail and logistic.


With over 40 years experience of complex problems in plastics recycling, we are a strong partner and the team is always at your service.


Your partner for plastic recycling and logistics-related services.


Specialized in reusable containers and carriers of plastic.


We focus on automotive, food retailing and logistic industry.

Corporate focus

We focus on the comprehensive plastic disposal of national and international companies with decentralized production sites. Our focus is on international companies in the automotive and supplier industry.


Meanwhile, we are one of the largest buyers and recyclers of plastic carriers / containers in the European market and take over for the automotive and supplier industry logistics-related services (transport / storage, sorting, evaluation, cleaning, repair, recycling and disposal) in container management.

In order to offer these comprehensive services to our customers, we have our own powerful business operating in the heart of Germany and an Europe-wide network of partners for the recycling of plastics.

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