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your partner in logistic services,recycling & plastic trading


Thinking and acting sustainably

Without raw materials, such as plastics, no production is possible - whether in medical industry, food industry or automotive industry. However, since the Earth's resources are limited, we are aware of our environmental and social responsibility.


Due to the recycling of high quality waste products from the production or of carriers from the automotive industry, we carry the raw materials, after sorting and cleaning, back to the cycle to produce new products to close the loop. So recycling is a forward-looking alternative to ensure raw material security. It also conserves the increasingly scare resources and helps us to pass on a healthy environment to our children.


We make sure that almost all resulting plastics are performed in our processing plant in the recycling loop.


Our processing plant is certified as a specialist disposal company and is regularly reviewed.

Not only do we strive to act environmentally, but also our partners and customers dealing with this subject. The result is a network in which the topic of multiple recycling plays a big role and everyone benefits from it - but in the first place our environment.

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