your partner in logistic services, recycling & plastic trading
your partner in logistic services,recycling & plastic trading


What we look for

We are always looking for new sources of raw material of plastic carriers to purchase as originating goods or regrind:


  • Boxes (PP, PP-LF, PE)
  • Tops (PP, ABS, PC)
  • Paletts (PE, PP)
  • Trays (PE, PS, PS-LF, ABS)


What we offer

General Industries is offering various ground materials and granules continuously due to long-term management contracts in the situation.


  • ABS regrind black
  • PC regrind black
  • PC/ ABS regrind black
  • HD-PE regrind black
  • PP regrind by colour
  • PP-LF regrind black
  • PP TV20 regrind mix colour/ grey
  • PS regrind black
  • PS-LF regrind black


  • PE re-granulates black

We also assist our partners to increase recycling rates with the goal of sustainability and cost reduction.
If you have any questions concerning our offer, we are at your disposal.


  • Grinding, Agglomeration
  • Cleaning, Sorting of boxes
  • Consultancy services for disposal concepts


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