your partner in logistic services, recycling & plastic trading
your partner in logistic services,recycling & plastic trading


Flexible and Powerful

We are able to offer a wide variety of production processes and are guided by the requirements of the market and of our customers.


  • Separation / sorting:
    We provide the clean separation of the respective types of plastics in the complete production process. To ensure this and to meet our high quality standards, the sorting on receipt of the good is the basis for the further processing.
  • Grinding:
    Through powerful granulators and shredders, we can handle a wide range of various products as well as large volumes.
  • Agglomeration:
    With our own agglomerator we can also process fibers, films and expanded plastics to eligible agglomerates.
  • Grinding / compounding:
    When Regranulation we rely on powerful, certified partner companies, which have the same quality standards as we.
  • Extrusion:
    We provide special compounds for profile extrusion and let the finished excipients for hose industry.


Thus, we can ensure that nearly 100% of the resulting plastics are placed in a recycling loop. For the largest recycler of reusable containers and load carriers in the automotive industry, we are aware of our environmental responsibilities.
More infomrationen to the issue of sustainability.

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