We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our employee Isabel Gerwig!

Not every medium-sized company today can be proud of such a long period of service by a young employee (34). But General Industries Germany and General Industries Polymere can. We get together with Managing Director Sylvia Könneker and Managing Director Matthias Henning for a small staff meeting to pay tribute to Isabel Gerwig’s ten years of work and her character. 

Ms. Gerwig started at General Industries Germany in March 2014 and worked in the small office with Mr. Hennig and just one other person, not only observing the company’s growth almost from scratch after taking over the family business, but also actively helping to shape it. It was also she who helped shape the founding of the subsidiary General Industries Polymere and the NON-FOAM plastics trade.

In her opening speech, Ms. Könneker emphasized Ms. Gerwig’s many years of dedicated work, as well as her burning interest in the topics of plastics and recycling, in which she herself has become intensively involved. With her enthusiasm and determination to drive the company forward, she was able to inspire many employees. She also enriches the team with her willingness to resolve conflicts because “even when there are ups and downs, she is an important pole that is able to push away the black clouds a little.” 

Mr. Henning, who took over the family business from his father, summarizes the story of Ms. Gerwig’s beginnings in the newly acquired company for those present and some newcomers to the group. He emphasizes that it is not a matter of course in today’s short-lived times, when many people change jobs, to look back on such a long-term collaboration in a company. “From that point of view, I think it’s special that you’ve stayed for ten years.” We don’t know Ms Gerwig’s motives, but Mr Henning emphasizes that “we at least try to maintain a certain culture every day and ultimately retain employees here.” There are employees in our group who have just started, and it is certainly exciting to follow Ms. Gerwig’s career and small anniversary celebration. Mr. Henning thanks her once again: “Thank you very much for these ten years that we have had and of course – as they say on a birthday when someone turns 50: ‘to the next 50’ – I hope that we will continue on this path with you for at least the next 10 years.”

Visibly moved and surprised by this spontaneous little celebration, Ms. Gerwig thanked them for their trusting support and said that she was looking forward to working with them for at least the next 10 years. A personally presented letter to Ms. Gerwig and much applause concluded the family-like company meeting.

Congratulations! 😊