“I do things here the way I would like to be treated as an employee”

Markus has been employed at General Industries Deutschland GmbH since August 2020 – before that he was self-employed because he never liked being an employee. In his story he explains why he can no longer imagine leaving General Industries!

Varied tasks and improvisation

Starting as deputy operations manager, he organized the first renovations at the Eschwege site, cleaned up the large warehouse and expanded the business.

“I had fun with it all too,” he says today. “Then the first presses came and I looked into them more and made sure that they were set up across the EU.”

He conducted training courses in both German and English – he was also able to make one or two good contacts and sometimes a vacation was combined with business trips. Improvising always worked well: During a training course in France, you simply grabbed an internet translator and communicated with facial expressions and gestures. 😊

“It’s not just a job – it’s my business”

What he particularly appreciates is the trust placed in him by the management.

“I always had freedom here and was supported as long as it worked. When I consider that I was a stranger at the beginning and where I am now, I couldn’t have dreamed of it.” What is important to him as a business manager is that he knows all the work in his company and has been involved in it so far. “There were times when we didn’t have people.” You have to be able to do everything from operating machines and driving a forklift to tidying up the space and warehouse.

The best praise he received from the managing director was: “’It’s not your company, but you work as if it were yours.’” That makes Markus proud, because he has achieved a lot and set up a team , what holds together.

His recipe for success for good leadership?

“I do things here the way I would like to be treated as a worker.”

His employees can also talk to him about anything – even if it is something personal that concerns them. Understanding and humor are also part of a good team spirit – where every member is completely different.

Markus doesn’t know exactly where he’s going next. In any case, move forward, make the company bigger and the most important thing is: “You never stop learning.”

Thank you Markus!


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