“I quickly got used to the extruder”

Alex has been working at General Industries Deutschland GmbH at the Eschwege site since July 2019.

Starting out as a production employee, he became an extruder driver after just one year, without any prior knowledge or training in this area. Curiosity and willingness to learn were the driving force. This was followed by positions as shift manager and now team leader.

Alex tells us how his interest in the company and the topic came to fruition.

From production assistant to plastics expert

“Before that I had had nothing to do with plastic, but then I became interested in it and read a lot about it. For me, plastic was just plastic, but I found it exciting that there are so many different types of plastic and how they can be processed.”

What is his main task? “It’s all going well,” he says with a smile.

While we talk in the laboratory room, he takes regranulate samples from small bags. “Now I’m testing. The MFI value is the flow rate of the plastic.”

“But that’s fun too”

What? “Work, everything here, what I learned and that I was able to develop further. But not just me, but also seeing how the company has developed.”

Alex experienced the times of 2019 when production did not yet have the new extruders and agglomerate machines of today.

“Back then they still had the old mills and now to see these new machines standing here, it’s nice to see.”

He is looking forward to many more years in which the company will grow. Now he has to go further into the hall and check that everything is going well.

Thank you Alex!


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