Stephanie & Natalie

“I arrived here quickly”

Stephanie and Natalie have not been working with us as office managers at the Eschwege location for long, but they still have a lot to tell.

“I was quickly well received by everyone here,” says Stephanie, and her colleague Natalie agrees.

“Here, there is close cooperation between logistics, production and us, the administration, in everyday life,” says Natalie, an office clerk by profession.

“It doesn’t work without collaboration.”

Whether production assistants, shift managers or the operations manager himself: Many – mostly male colleagues – stop by Stephanie and Natalie’s office to pass on important information or tasks.

Natalie adds: “And there’s always some fun involved.”

“We haven’t had a day yet where we haven’t laughed!”

Humor also helps in stressful situations that are unavoidable.

“We recently had a stressful delivery from a big-name company, but in the end we were able to laugh about it when it was done.”

We wish Stephanie and Natalie continued to have a lot of stress-resilient humor and a good working atmosphere among their colleagues in Eschwege!

Thank you Stephanie & Natalie!


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Stephanie & Natalie