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About our Company

General-Industries Deutschland GmbH (GID) has been passionately involved in the processing and recycling of plastics for over 30 years. At two locations – Kassel and Eschwege – and with a large number of partner companies, General-Industries uses innovative systems to produce high-quality recycled pellets for the plastics processing industry (raw material manufacturers, compounders, plastics processors). As the European market leader in foam recycling (EPP/EPE), we work across Europe for our suppliers of waste from the automotive and packaging industries.

Since 2023, we have continued to operate both business divisions (Foam & Non-Foam) as independent companies. FOAM recycling continues to be managed by General-Industries Deutschland GmbH (GID) and non-foam recycling was transferred to the subsidiary General-Industries Polymere GmbH (GIP), which was founded in 2017.

Making a difference



For us plastic recycling is not a job, but a mission to which we are committed as a family business. That’s why we not only grind and granulate plastics, but have also been involved in the separation of difficult-to-recycle composite materials (multi-component parts) for several years and are continually developing this further.

This is the only way we can use the valuable raw materials in new products in the plastics processing industry for as long as possible. For us, sustainability is not a word that we just commit ourselves to, we live it every day. So it is only natural for us to rely 100% on the use of renewable energies – both in administration and production.


We process EPP, EPE and EPS foams from disposable or reusable systems into high-quality, pure-color regranulates. With a focus on the automotive and packaging industries, we accept boxes and components as follows:

  • EPP black & pink
  • EPE natural & colorful
  • EPS white

EPP foam return system

For light packaging such as EPP (expanded polypropylene) boxes that have a lot of volume but little weight, we have set up an intelligent take-back system across Europe in order to recycle the packaging as efficiently as possible. To reduce CO2 emissions, we work with compressors and can thus reduce ineffective transport and the large amount of space required. The low loading weight of just 1.2 t per truck is thus increased to 22 t per truck. For smaller quantities, we have set up collection points where the load carriers can be compacted so that they do not have to be transported across Europe.

GID – What lasts longer

Our philosophy: sustainability instead of stopping.

The “polypropylene granulate” not only has an onomatopoeic name, but also has an 85 percent smaller CO2 footprint when recycled! In future, packaging that we recycle will be required by law to demonstrate a high recycling rate. We are already entering the Green Deal now – why wait for 2035?

Recycling with purpose: We want to grow and continue to develop with our goals. In doing so, we want to involve as many stakeholders as possible in our holistic approach – from customers, partners and buyers to every employee.

Are you on board? We won’t hold you back.

Our partnership with JSP

European car manufacturers are increasingly using recycled polymers due to new EU directives. Previously, component manufacturers were reluctant to use them in safety-relevant areas due to unreliable mechanical properties. The automotive industry has been striving to recycle plastic waste for years, and the current circular economy debate is accelerating these efforts.

Our company is certified as a waste management company and has many other certificates!


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