Andreas & Heinrich

Andreas & Heinrich – Our oldest employees in the company

We were curious – how does it feel to be the oldest in the company?

Andreas (left in the picture): “That’s good because you have a lot of experience that you can pass on.”

He sees it in a positive sense: the company can be happy to employ older people who are not afraid of the work and also see the work.

“A lot of young people have other things on their minds and don’t immediately see what needs to be done until you show it to them. You have to take them with you – show it to them.”

When he distributes tasks to young, new production assistants, he always does the work himself.

“They should see that I, who am twice my age, can do it too – then there will be no excuses that the work is too difficult or not possible.”

Heinrich replies jokingly: “You just don’t want to act old!” 😁

But the young employees can also be a relief

It is important to understand that you do not work for yourself.

“We have to work as a team, otherwise we can just leave it alone. From shift to shift, with every handover, everyone must be aware of their responsibilities.”

And if the boys don’t follow along?

Heinrich, who is always up for a bit of fun, says: “So I explode like a bomb and after a few minutes everything is ok again!” 😂

Andreas replies, shaking his head: “No, everyone always enjoys working with me and I am sometimes a bit stricter in tone when I need to be.”

“Everyone responds to ‘Please’”

We are pleased that Andreas and Heinrich can complement each other so well in their educational leadership of the young employees and set a good example for the next generation with exemplary performance.

Thank you Andreas & Heinrich!


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Andreas & Heinrich